Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Monday...

Today is such a Monday. You know the drill...hard to wake up, eyes crusty, not enough coffee, absolutely no motivation! Shall i go on? Those darn eyes keep closing at the most in appropriate times! Weekend recovery is so crappy! There is something so wrong when a TOTAL MORNING PERSON becomes an ANTI-MORNING PERSON overnight! i truly enjoyed this weekend. The thing is: what did i do? Nothing! i worked at Monkeez Brew on Saturday morning, and then went shopping with my Mom---then, i visited w/ my "Sis", Beth, and "Nephew", Levi, and Mimi---then, i napped...'til 7 pm. Let me tell you one thing...that was the best treat in the world! i am totally in awe of that child. From looking into his eyes to observing the interaction between him and his mother. It's absolutely beautiful and incredible!

Sunday, my family went to my Grandmother Donnie's, church for homecoming. i was very stressed about going; however, after talking it through with my Mom, i felt much better. The relationship between my Mom and myself has really began to stregthen, and i am so thankful. She is such a blessing to me and that helps me so much with my recovery! Anyway...the homecoming was actually very nice! i was able to speak with one of the pastors whom was so caring and helpful as my Grandfather was ill. Uhhum...Karen you know who you are!!!:) Plus, i think it meant a lot to Mammaw. Then, what else did it do? Of course, it was Sunday---i went to DeBeen, caught up with Gavin (Rock On!!!), took another nap, and then went by Monkeez Brew and helped out. Very nice weekend. Lazy weekend! HAPPY WEEKEND! CRAPPY MONDAY! Oh well...Monday's soon to be over!

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Lindsey said...

HA...thanks for the stinking that Mamas and Papas song is in my head and WON'T LEAVE :-)

Love ya...and I'm proud of you